Friday, November 18, 2011


In fact, local associations of Realtors and Multiple Listing Data indicate that inventory is quite low. Part of the reason sales have slowed is there simply isn't enough saleable product out there. In this type of market, there will always be properties on the market that are technically available inventory, but simply have too many problems to overcome. They need a particular type of buyer. These properties can make it appear there is more inventory than is actually "saleable." Frankly, it is surprising that people who can buy, have chosen to back away from the market because of predictions of a triple dip. It's a "cost vs. buy" analysis. If you believe in home ownership, its tax deductions, its features of durability and stability for yourself and your family, then prices coupled with interest rates should make for a fairly attractive picture. Yes, prices could go down, but what it actually costs you, may never be better. Also loan programs could change and availability could change, since lending has been very volatile. But what won't change is the historic and undeniable return on investment that occurs in real estate every 10 years. Sometimes the cycle is shorter; sometimes the downturns (such as this one) are annoying. But check on a property, any property, and see what it sold for in 2000, and what its value is today, in the midst of our worst downturn. REMEMBER THE PROMISE OF MORE ON THE TOPIC, "REAL ESTATE WILL NEVER RECOVER?..."


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